The Buttress aka the white devil

Badass is just one word to describe The Buttress. Straight outta New Jersey, this artist, musician, filmmaker and female rapper has the swag, the sound and the vision. She doesn’t conform to the “pretty” and doesn’t mind sporting wild hair and non-existent make-up, while making herself look strange or downright creepy. She doesn’t need nakedness to make her videos interesting and she isn’t using her looks to sell her music. She relies on her refreshing rapping abilities, kick-ass beats and interesting and creative visuals within her music videos. The Flying Buttress is definitely not your average female rapper and supports the cause 100% as her name suggests. Read my full interview with her at Wicked Horror.

I personally, could not praise The Buttress more. And I don’t say that lightly. But I definitely give credit where credit is due, and this young lady deserves to be seen and heard by A LOT more people.

You can follow and check out The Buttress on Twitter @cockspit, Facebook ButtressGG and soundcloud. Check out the video for one of my favorites, Pilgrims by the Millions, below;