Unique Weapons in Genre Film and TV

Dead Alive

Most horror film killers have a signature weapon. Freddy Krueger has his amazingly cool razor-blade gloves, Michael Myers a butcher knife; Jason wields a machete, and so on. Whether it’s a signature weapon or something that was picked up in the heat of the moment, we simply love to see both protagonists and antagonists slashing their way through the silver screen. It does seem, however, that many of the most inspired moments tend to occur when characters pick something up at the spur of the moment or are forced to improvise. We tend to stand up and take note when when people get creative with their weaponry.

 Read on for our picks for five of the most unique weapons from genre film and television.

 Chopsticks in True Blood

Creativity is not limited to film; in fact, True Blood is brimming with inventive kills and creative murder weapons. Sookie staking the coroner with chopsticks was not only an ingenious improvisation, it was also one of the coolest deaths featured on the HBO series.

Spoke True Blood Stakes Phallic Sculpture (a.k.a. A Very Important Work of Art) in A Clockwork Orange

Alex (Brilliantly portrayed by the legendary Malcolm McDowell) is always in the mood for a bit of the ol’ ultra violence. In this truly bizarre scene, he carries out an ultra violent act with a statue of a giant penis and testicles. Alex holds the sculpture at waist height and dances around his victim for a while; then he uses it to defend himself from her. But he ultimately opts to use the giant phallus as a weapon to crush her head in with. This is the kind of scene that very few directors could keep from being ridiculous or obnoxious, but Stanley Kubrick works his magic and the scene becomes quite haunting and more than a little disturbing.

Clockwork Orange Penis  Lawnmower in Dead Alive

Dead Alive a.k.a. Brain Dead is an imaginative, violent, and off-the-wall film. There are all sorts of shocking moments and it’s almost unfathomable to think that it was directed by Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson. However, the infamous lawnmower scene overshadows all of the film’s shocking and exploitative aspects. Seeing the once mild mannered Lionel hoist a lawnmower over his head and decapitate and maim an entire house full of zombies is one of the greatest moments in horror cinema history.

Dead Alive Candy Cane in Black Christmas (2006)

Whether or not you liked the film, one must admit that it certainly pushed the envelope. We see incest, eyes ripped out of their sockets and used as Christmas ornaments, and some of the grisliest murders committed to celluloid. Towards the beginning of the film, we see one of the main antagonists make a sharp point from a candy cane and use it as a spear to stick through another character’s neck. From a logistical standpoint, this scene is completely unrealistic; a candy cane is barely sturdy enough to kill an ant with, let alone penetrate someone’s corroded artery, but for entertainment value, the scene is still pretty cool looking.

Black Christmas Icicle in Die Hard II

Though it may not technically fall under the category of ‘genre film’, we couldn’t help but include this. The scene in Die Hard II where Bruce Willis is wrestling with an adversary and picks up an icicle to stab through his foe’s eye is absolutely inspired. It’s the kind of scene that implores the viewer to hit the rewind button and watch it over and over again in slow motion.

Die Hard II

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