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Mr. Brooks - Disarming Psychopaths

Five of the Most Disarming Onscreen Psychopaths

Many psychopaths in genre film and television are imposing, scary creeps that no one in their right mind would ever get in a car with or sit next to on public transit. But the psychopath of the more c...

Otis B driftwood from the Devils rejects.

Bad Old People of Horror Movies

Most old people are quite cute, and horror Movies often appeal to a teenage crowd with young, nubile characters. However sometimes, they twist the familiar into the menacing, and what’s more fri...

killer kids

Killer Kids- Deadly Innocent

Adult serial killers are scary enough, but what I find even more scary are killer kids. When I was young I never had the thoughts that pop into my head now, and even if they did I would never have had...

The scariest sightings in Britain.

Top Scariest Paranormal Sightings in Britain

The United Kingdom is known for its haunted areas all over, with tales of ghosts and hauntings in many castles and stately homes. Here we take a look at some of the most noted and scariest sightings i...

Shining twins the grady twins.

The Creepiest Girls & Boys of Horror

There’s no doubt about it, kids can be terrifying. It allows movies to bring in evil from an unlikely source. That contrast between innocence and danger, the appearance of harmlessness from someone wh...

Prom Night - Awesomely Bad Dance Moves from Horror Films

Awesomely Bad Dance Moves from Horror Films

We sometimes find comedy in the least likely and or most unintentional places. But, that which is subtly satirical, or unintentionally humorous is often funnier than anything that is overtly playing f...

The Omen set was seemingly cursed as mishaps happened to a number of the cast and crew.

Facts About Your Favorite Horror Movies

I, as many horror fans, love obscure and random facts about their favorite horror films, so I list some facts you just might not know about your favorite horror movies. CANDYMAN (1992) To ensure that ...

The Fog - Horror films that are less violent than you remember

Horror Films That Are Less Violent Than You Remember

More often than not, horror films are filled with decapitations, amputations, disembowelment, and more. Particularly with the introduction of the ‘torture porn’ subgenre, we are seeing more and more v...

The Exorcist - Cursed Productions

Five of the Most Notorious Cursed Productions

‘Cursed productions’ are not exclusive to horror pictures. But, it’s typically horror films that garner the most attention for tumultuous circumstances surrounding their filming. At one point, people ...

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