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Alice, Sweet Alice

Characters With a Small Body Count That Made a Big Impact

Typically, horror fans go crazy for fright flicks with a body count totaling in the double digits, or higher. Case in point, Dawn of the Dead has a reported death toll of 175. Army of Darkness has an ...

torture methods

10 Of The Most Terrifying Torture Methods Ever Devised

Torture used to be considered a legitimate way to punish, instil fear, extract confessions and execute a human being. Some methods considerably harsher than others, here are 10 torture methods that ca...

Dead Alive

Unique Weapons in Genre Film and TV

Most horror film killers have a signature weapon. Freddy Krueger has his amazingly cool razor-blade gloves, Michael Myers a butcher knife; Jason wields a machete, and so on. Whether it’s a signature w...

killer siblings

Killers Siblings (Part Two)

After part one, let’s take a look at more real-life siblings and twins that have that bloody murdering bond.

Cannibal Holocaust

Five Horror Films That Could Never Be Released Today!

Censorship standards have become looser over the years in some ways but much stricter in others. Some types of violence and nudity are easier to get away with – for example if one can prove that it’s ...

killer siblings

Killer Siblings (Part One)

For most people, when mentioning evil siblings, Ronnie and Reggie Kray would spring to mind (or the creepy “come and play with us” Shining girls). Let’s take a look at real-life siblings and twins tha...

Slumber Party Massacre - female-helmed horror films

Five Amazing Female-Helmed Horror Films

‘Women in Horror Month’ is a great opportunity to unite female horror enthusiasts, journalists, actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, and the like. But, that doesn’t mean that the efforts of th...

Short Film - Saw puppet from the saw franchise.

Five Great Horror Movies Based on a Short Film

A Lot of filmmakers get their start by making short films. Fede Alvarez was tapped by Sam Raimi to direct the Evil Dead remake based on his short film Panic Attack! For some filmmakers, short films ar...

the texas chainsaw massacre directed by tobe hooper.

Serial Killers Turned Movie Stars

It’s just a movie, they said. Oh, except the instances below. Arguably the most interesting cinematic serial killers are those who are based on real life people. They stalk, torture, and kill; and we ...