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Robert the infamous haunted doll.

Five of The Most Haunted Dolls Around The World

Let’s face it, most dolls look creepy. From Child’s Play up to Annabelle, dolls, have a way of freaking us out. The earliest known reports of a haunted doll date back to ancient Egypt where the enemie...

The infamous Exorcist movie.

My Favorite Exorcism Movies

For many horror fans like myself, I thoroughly enjoy movies based around exorcisms and demons. With an array of demonic, possession and exorcism movies to choose from, in no particular order I list 6,...

Chris Hemsworth hot man of horror

The Hottest Men In Horror Movies

Who doesn’t like some hot, masculine eye-candy to go with their horror? Luckily for us horror fans the genre is full of good looking guys to get us drooling. In no particular order I list my favorite ...

Hot babes in horror movies.

The Hottest Babes In Horror Movies

Who doesn’t love a hot babe? Horror films are certainly full of gorgeous women – in fact, it’s hard to think of any horror picture without a beautiful woman gracing the screen at som...

disturbing horror the poughkeepsie tapes

My Top Disturbing Horror Movies

Well, I say this a lot, but anyone that knows me, knows that I love disturbing horror movies. I like to watch the movies my friends don’t like to watch. I actually make the more hard-core ones watch d...

six real life killer vampires.

Real Life Blood Sucking Vampires

Everyone seems to love Vampires. Whether it’s Nosferatu, Lost Boys, Dracula, Fright Night, Let the Right One in, Blade, I could go on and on. Me, not so much, but I do have an interest in killers, so ...

getting a horror movie tattoo.

Tatt Me Up- Ten Horrorfying Tattoos I Want to Get

I love tattoos, as do many, many people, especially nowadays. I’m sure most people know at least one person with a tattoo on their back, hand, leg, stomach, chest or face nowadays. A tattoo enthusiast...

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