Leprechaun - Five of the least terrifying killers from horror films

Five of the Least Terrifying Killers from Horror Films

Fred Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Pinhead have all led to sleepless nights for anyone introduced to their exploits at a young age. Almost everyone I know has had a dream th...

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Ten Movies You Wouldn’t Want to Watch with The Fam

There’s some horror’s that are difficult to watch with friends, let alone with the family. Here’s ten horror movies that would probably be an awkward sitting with the fam in the room.

french movie martyrs.

Five French Extremity Films Every Horror Fan Should See

The New French Extremity filmmaking style is taking both Europe and the States by storm. The films within are known for: extreme violence, unflinching excess, visceral visuals, and their transgressive...

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