Serial Killer Drifter – Ottis Elwood Toole

Serial Killer Ottis toole.

Ottis Toole was born in 1947 and came from a background similar to that of Henry Lee Lucas. His mother was an abusive religious fanatic. He claimed that he had been sexually abused by his own family and that his grandmother had been a Satanist. He had an estimated IQ of only 75 and was also diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. He frequently ran away and was a serial arsonist at a young age, being a pyromaniac. He knew he was gay at the age of 10 and often supported himself through prostitution.

From 1979 to 1981, Lucas and Toole worked together at a roofing company (some sources claim they were in a homosexual relationship). Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas later claimed to have committed hundreds of murders during that time, 108 of which were committed together with Toole, sometimes on the orders of a satanic, cannibalistic cult called “The Hands of Death”. Toole’s preferred M.O. in these killings was to crucify his victims, then barbecue and eat them. Lucas claimed that he never took part in those acts himself because he didn’t like barbecue sauce.

Serial killer ottis toole.

Shortly after both Lucas, Toole and Becky, Toole’s niece, moved to Stoneburg, but Becky and Lucas ran away together. Ottis was left behind and, he later claimed, became so enraged that he spent a little over a year killing a total of nine people in six different states.

Toole received two death sentences but on appeal they were commuted to life in prison. He died in his cell from liver disease on September 15th, 1996.

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