Friday The 13th Music

The ‘Friday The 13th” franchise of movies continued a tradition in the most memorable horror films, a tradition of a strong attachment to a specific sequence in its musical score, first started with the memorable high-pitched string sequence in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’. One could argue that this section of music in ‘Psycho’ will forever be attached to the word psycho itself in both meaning and usage.

In ‘Friday The 13th‘, the ‘ch-ch-ch’ followed by a ‘ah-ah-ah’ at key moments in the film was used extremely effectively to build suspense in the audience, thereby increasing the scare-factor throughout the film series. Eventually, the audience was trained in an almost subconscious pavlonian way to heighten their upcoming fear response.

This simple usage of a few lines of music has been ingrained throughout the world in various cultures and is a testament to what many horror films forget is the simplest way to increase tension, suspense and fear….. music.


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