Daddy’s Little Girl (2012) Horror Movie Review

movie review daddys little girl

If you like gore, revenge horror and are into a bit of torture porn, you should watch Daddy’s Little Girl, directed by Chris Sun. If you’re picky with your acting, probably best to give this one a miss.

When my friend recommended me this film, as she knows of my love for torture, I sat and watched this for a good 45-minutes wondering why the hell she suggested it. I was getting bored watching the cringe worthy acting with a nothing-new story line not the best executed. Until the who-did-it comes into play.

Some, I said SOME (I’ve seen many a torture film) of the physical pain that is in this film I have never witnessed before. If I was in the same position as Derek, the lead in the film, I would definitely do similar to what he does; Friend or foe. I could feel his need for retribution and understand his relentless nature, because of the situation he found himself in.

Chris Suns daddys little girl.

Barring the second half of the film which is worthy for a watch if you’re into some real hard-core torment, the characters are predictable and there will probably be many things you’ll notice and think “but why would you do that” and “why is that like that?”… I don’t need to list them so you sit and wait for them to come up but if you just want to see some gore, fast forward it about half hour, you’ll still get the story and you might enjoy the film more. You’re either going to love Daddy’s Little Girl or totally hate it.

I’ve seen better movies for what this is about but Daddy’s Little Girl feeds my sadist side so I’ll probably watch it again.


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Written by Nicola odeku
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