Absentia (2011) Horror Movie Review

Absentia horror movie

Directed and written by Mike Flanagan, Absentia, is a great creepy little film that generates a remarkable atmosphere.

Absentia tells the story of two sisters, Tricia, who is heavily pregnant, and Callie who is a previous addict returning from an extended trip to stay with her sister. The plot revolves around the disappearance of Trisha’s husband Daniel seven years prior. Tricia is just starting to heal from the grief of her husband going missing, even though she is constantly being haunted by his disappearance. She decides to declare him legally dead, issuing a Death Certificate while working towards the baby that will soon be coming.

With the encouragement of her sister Callie, Tricia goes on a date with an investigator on her husband’s case, who is also her baby’s father. Upon heading out on their date and making their way to the car Tricia’s whole life is turned upside down once again.

Horror movie Absentia.

While Callie is out jogging she meets a strange and helpless man in a tunnel she uses as part of her running route. The man seems confused and surprised that Callie can actually see him. After trying to piece together a strange puzzle of disappearances in the neighborhood Callie tries to rationalize the events of the last 24hours while struggling with her sanity and the situation that reveals itself to be supernatural.

Absentia works in the most simple of ways, the scares are effective and it is one of those rare independent, low budget films that jumps out and grabs you. Mike Flanagan does a great job at commitment to depth of character and the performances are very well acted and all help to sell the story.

Absentia achieves a level of genuine creepiness not to be found in higher budgeted Hollywood movies and it’s definitely worth a look for horror fans and those looking for some drama and mystery.

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