Amber Alter (2012) Horror Movie Review

Amber alert movie.

A powerful premise to work with but unfortunately Amber Alert doesn’t suffice in its prosecution.

Directed by Kerry Bellessa and starring his other half Summer Bellessa as one of the leads, Amber Alert doesn’t pack as much of a punch as it should do. The acting is a bit tedious at times and only the last 20 odd minutes of the movie have much going on.

Sam (Summer Bellessa), Nate (Chris Hill) and Caleb (Caleb Thompson) are making a documentary and on the way to shoot some more footage they spot a car they see on an Amber Alert posting on the highway.

Amber Alert horror movie.

After much persuasion from Sam they decide to actually follow the car to see if they do indeed have the right one. There’s a lot of bickering and dispute over the car but even when they manage to have a chance to speak with the supposed kidnapped girl, Nate persuades Sam to decline. Something they would’ve wished they hadn’t.

The police aren’t the best, even a sheriff doesn’t take much interest in their claims. I mean why have an Amber Alert if you’re not going to listen to the alert of it by others? The frustration of the characters at times does help you feel what they’re feeling.

The script was quite well written and the dialogue real, the movie does make you wonder “what if” if you were in the same situation but again for the most part of the film you’re just watching three people squabbling in a car.  Amber Alert is chilling with its argument but maybe too real and borderline ordinary for some. Not a recommendation unfortunately.

is chilling with its argument but maybe too real and borderline ordinary for some.

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