The Atticus Institute (2015) Horror Movie Review

The horror Atticus Institute.

The demonic cub genre is one of my absolute favorites and The Atticus Institute is now up there as one of my top horrors. Written and directed by Chris Sparling, not only is The Atticus Institute cleverly made and downright freaky, the lead, Judith Winstead played by Rya Kihlstedt, had me believing every step.

Shot as a documentary with lots of talking head interviews and archival footage, the premise of The Atticus Institute is a very promising one. Set in the mid 70’s, it’s about a group of scientists who are fascinated by paranormal activity, including E.S.P, and psychokinesis.

Judith from the Atticus institute.

Despite witnessing several noteworthy cases, nothing could have prepared Dr. West and his colleagues for Judith. When Judith continually exceed expectations, the U.S. government intervenes and attempts to weaponize her abilities, which have dire consequences for all involved. At times, I genuinely felt like I was watching a real documentary and have since watched The Atticus Institute more times than I can even recall.

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