The Blackcoats Daughter (2015) Horror Movie Review

The Blackcoats Daughter movie starring emma roberts from scream queens and american horror story.

Written and directed by Oz Perkins and starring Emma Roberts, The Blackcoats Daughter, is a dark and mysterious tale very cleverly told.

It’s winter break and the boarding school students of Bradford Academy are all leaving to re-join their families over the holidays. All barring Kat and Rose (Lucy Boynton) who are forced to stay behind and await the arrival of their parents who failed to retrieve them.

While at the school, it’s soon clear something’s amiss, and although it’s a slow burner, director Perkins manages to keep up the chills and suspense with his ominous soundtrack and atmospheric imagery. Amongst the story we meet Joan (Emma Roberts), a mysterious runaway who’s taken in by a grieving couple (James Remar and Lauren Holly) on their way to Bradford. Saying much more would ruin the story that unfolds, but I think it’s well worth your time.

The blackcoats daughter.

The acting was very well done by all with Kat, played by Kiernan Shipka giving a chilling performance.

The Blackcoats Daughter, originally titled February, gets a thumps up from me. While I’m not 100 % sure my theory is right, it’s not so confusing that you can’t stab a guess or two. For his first feature, Oz Perkins done well, I recommend it.

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