Chained (2012) Horror Movie Review

Chained movie by Jennifer Lynch

Chained is a powerfully gripping movie that packs a real punch.

Directed by Jennifer Lynch, Chained, revolves itself around disturbed loner Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio). Bob travels the streets in his taxi, snatching up unsuspecting traveling women who take his fancy.

Sarah (Julia Ormond) and her son Tim (Evan Bird) leave a concerned father Brad (Jake Weber) to go to the movies. With Brad’s insistence, Sarah promises to get them a cab back home instead of taking the bus. Unfortunately for them, it is a ride that will change all of their lives.

As Tim tries to take on his new surroundings, it is quickly clear to him that he has to comply to his new master, or suffer conditions far worse than he is soon accustomed too.

Movie Chained by Jennifer Lynch.

Chained is a fascinating portrait of an ersatz father-son relationship. Eamon Farren who plays older Tim very well. Rabbit, which is the name Bob gives to him, is as jittery as his name implies. In brief, black-and-white flashbacks, we catch glimpses of Bob’s childhood and the horrors he himself witnessed, and participated in at an early age. D’Onofrio is terrifying, and not in the movie-monster way; his character’s evil seems real. His attention to detail and usually calm demeanor, logic, and intelligence and is eerie.

The character study is a very complex and shocking. The performances are powerful and intense and keeps you glued to the screen and on the edge of you seat.

To say much more would spoil any shocks for you, but Jennifer Chambers Lynch has crafted yet another distressing, graphic movie in Chained. You may just think twice about getting into a cab ever again.

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