Clinical (2017) Horror Movie Review

clinical netflix original

Netflix original Clinical is a psychological horror directed and written by Alistair Legrand and starring Vinessa Shaw (The Hill Have Eyes 2006).

Clinical revolves around Dr. Jane Mathis (Shaw), a psychiatrist who struggles with PTSD after she is brutally attacked by Nora (India Eisley), one of her young patients.

Dr Mathis starts seeing a therapist to help cope with her disorder and slowly begins to see new patients again on her path to recovery. Her first new trauma patient is Alex (Kevin Rahm), a man horribly scarred in an accident. As Jane begins to help him, her own life starts to spiral out of control as the past catches up with her.

clinical movie netflix original. nicola odeku

The opening sequence of Clinical offers some gory shots with the disturbed young patient, Nora, who continues to haunt Dr Mathis. She begins to question her own sanity while dealing with an intense case in new patient Alex.

As the story unfolds it can get a bit repetitive but the mystery around the patient and Dr Mathis’ own treatment keeps you gripped.

netflix original clinical nicola odeku

Vinessa Shaw gives a good performance and the sessions between her and Kevin Rahm are intriguing for the most part, but it’s a shame there wasn’t more character development all-round. The twist is pretty out there after a certain point but I still liked it all the same. Netflix has done such a good job, but some may be left frustrated having the build-up fizzle out.

If you like a psychological horror, then Clinical may be something you’ll enjoy.

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