Lovely Molly (2011) Horror Movie Review

Horror movie lovely molly.

Lovely Molly really is quite compelling. It’s a good psychological horror and drama that gets your brain ticking. Brought to us by one of the guys that gave us The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez, this movie has an original perspective and a disturbing finale.

When we first see Molly (Gretchen Lodge) she is holding a knife to her throat and confessing that “he” won’t let her kill herself. Going back in time the movie then follows Molly and her husband Tim (Johnny Lewis) as they move into Molly’s deceased parent’s house shortly after getting married.

Lovely molly

Within a few months, weird things begin to happen, mainly the typical “haunted house” bumps in the night kind of stuff but they are effective within the story and soon start to progress. When Molly, a recovering heroin addict, is regularly left alone in the house while Tim works, she slowly starts to become unhinged as memories from her childhood resurface. For the most part the film is unclear on whether or not the scares are supernatural or all in Molly’s head, choosing instead to leave the question unanswered for the audience to decide. There are some real good freaky and damn right disturbing scenes and I found it interesting to be swept along in the mystery and turmoil of Molly’s life. Gretchen Lodge plays an amazing performance, especially as this was her first film.

Without spoiling anything I love the garden scene with the tormentor and the finale in where all is revealed. Lovely Molly is a solid, engaging movie that I found really entertaining. I would highly recommend this to horror fans.

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Written by Nicola odeku
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