Session 9 (2001) Horror Movie Review

Session 9 horror movie poster banner.

Directed by Brad Anderson Session 9 is a brilliant psychological horror with a strong but gradual build up.

Session 9 is about a small group of guys removing asbestos and other hazardous materials from a huge mental hospital that has been abandoned for years. It’s established early on that team is riddled with anger and animosity. Gordon, the boss of the group is struggling with the birth of his new baby and the bills piling up. Gordon’s associate, Phil, is increasingly resentful toward and irritated by his fellow co-workers, especially Hank who happens to disappear after looking for treasure within the hospital one evening.

Session 9 horror movie.

Mike the team’s law school dropout becomes obsessed with listening to archival tapes he discovered within the hospital. These tapes are my favorite and probably the most unnerving part of the whole movie.  These tapes consist of a series of sessions with a patient named Mary, who suffers from a dissociative identity disorders. We get no flashbacks or visuals, just the audio of interviews with Mary and her other personalities. While the tapes, session 1 through 9, are played, more facts emerge and the strained relationships between the men grow more volatile.

Session 9 is different, intelligent and a powerful film. It’s not just a haunted mental asylum ghost movie, it’s much deeper than that. A definite recommendation.

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