The Shrine (2010) Horror Movie Review

The Shrine horror movie.

Another great exorcism movie that I can’t believe I forgot to add to my possession favorites but I do have one major flaw with it, and that is the exorcism and other key points of the film are spoken in Polish and it doesn’t have available subtitles. The context shows you what is happening but it would’ve nice to actually know what was said at some points, especially the end.

Other than that The Shrine, directed by Jon Knautz and one of the writers Trevor Matthews, who also stars in the movie did a good job and I really did enjoy watching it.

The plot is revolved around journalist Carmen and intern Sara who want to find out about a missing college student who visited an area in Poland and simply vanished. Carmen, on a decline in her career, finds out this has happened to several people in this particular area and decides to investigate further. She also finds out from his found luggage that his last journal entry was about a mystery fog that stated he was going to check out.

The Shrine Horror Movie

Sara, Carmen and Carmen’s boyfriend Marcus head to a polish village to try and work out whats been happening. The townsfolk are weird and old fashioned and get angry at the nosy city interlopers, demanding they leave.

Deciding to check out this mist of enigma anyway, Sara and Carmen both venture through it, soon wishing they would’ve stayed away as warned, and are never to be the same again.

I don’t want to say what happens after this as it would spoil the movie but if you make it to this point, you will be glad you did. Horror fans know that cults, devil worship and demon summoning remain a staple in the genre but very few manage to deliver some genuine scares but I feel Knautz managed to break out of the box at times.

I loved the house scenes, the demonic faces and actions were super freaky and I really enjoyed watching it unfold.

Maybe I’m just not picky when it comes to horror or I’m easily pleased but I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about The Shrine. Personally, I disagree with them and recommended The Shrine to other horror fans. Just stay out of the fog.

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