Shrooms (2007) Horror Movie Review

Shrooms horror movie

Directed by Paddy Breathnach, Shrooms, is more of a horror comedy at times than a straight horror but delivers both sides pretty well.

Set in Ireland it follows three couples; Tara and Jake, Holly and Troy, and Lisa and Bluto. The group set off to spend a weekend in the Irish wilderness getting high and tripping out on mushrooms.

On their way to camp after an accidental road kill they meet some strange inhabitants of the woodlands. These two men are filthy, dribbling and have trouble with the English language. They live in the back of beyond of the woods in a cabin with a basement buddy and have a Wrong Turn/The Hills Have Eyes vibe to them.

Shrooms horror movie review

After the first night and a rather gruesome ‘true story’ told by the campfire while they are all high, things soon start going from bad to worse. It’s not long before they realize that there’s no worse trip than a bad trip stuck in the middle of nowhere in the woods and apparently in the midst of someone, or something hunting them down.

I thought Shrooms was well written, the characters pretty good and it once it gets into it there is some great imagery that doesn’t let up until the shock ending, which surprised and pleased me. Though I would’ve like to see the deaths, I get why it doesn’t show you much until the aftermath.

Most horror fans will probably like Shrooms to an extent but you just can’t please everyone.

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