The Silence (2010) Horror Movie Review

The silence German horror movie.

Based on the novel by Jan Costin Wagner, The Silence, directed by Baran bo Odar is a fascinating, realized crime drama from Germany.

The film begins in 1986, with two men sitting in semi-darkness after watching a grimy homemade movie. When the film runs out, the two men silently exit the building, walk to the garage and get into a car. After spotting a young girl taking a path through an isolated meadow the men follow her. The girl, Pia, is raped and murdered by Peer while the second man, Timo, watches with equal parts of disgust and arousal. The two dispose of the body and return home, but before Peer’s car has been washed of any evidence Timo has packed and boarded a bus out of town in guilt.

Twenty-three-years-later, returning to the present day, we see another young girl, Sinikka played by Anna-Lena Klenke cycling away from home after an argument with her parents and being stood up by her friends. The next day her bicycle is found at the site of the previous killing and the investigation of the exact same crime, in the exact same place, begins.

The Silence (German, Das letzte Schweigen)

Krischan Mittich, the retired police detective on the first case is still haunted by his inability to solve the murder after so many years. Matthias, the lead investigative officer on the new case believes it’s merely a copycat killing, and his partner, David Jahn, is a damaged soul mourning the recent loss of his wife to cancer, detecting more personal links between the crimes.

The settings are semi-rural, ordinary and faultless, the production is well paced, even at two hours and the direction is very well done.

The tension levels jump at key moments with Odar keeping the audience one step ahead of some of the characters, but not all of them.

The Silence is a powerful and emotionally affecting look at people caught up in a bedlam of violence and loss and I would definitely recommended giving it a watch.

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