The Watcher (2016) Horror Movie Review

The Watcher Lifetime movie.

Directed by Ryan Rothmaier, The Watcher, is a well-executed if slightly predictable thriller.

The Watcher is a Lifetime movie based on a true story. In 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus with three kids moved into their dream house in Westfield, New Jersey. Very quickly after the $1.3 million deal went through, the new homeowners received terrifying and threatening letters from a person who called himself The Watcher. The family never moved into the home, and instead lodged legal papers against the prior owners of the house for not warning them about The Watcher. The former owners tried to get the case dismissed but in August 2016, dismissal was refused.

The Watcher, revolves around the psychological journey of young couple Noah (Edi Gathegi) and Jeanne (Denise Crosby), who are moving into their dream area and home. Their serene community is shattered after they are told by their real estate agent that some deaths have occurred within the house. Soon after making the deal they receive ominous letters from “The Watcher”. The Watcher tells them that he is watching their every move and wants them out.

the-watcher-lifetime-movie reviewed by nicola odeku

The acting is well done all-round but the main gripe for me is the motive of the killers. The villains, as far as I could see, had no real motive for what they were doing. When there’s a reason there’s a justification, but when there is no flashback, words spoken or no real purpose as to why the killers want what they want, it’s becomes a bit unrealistic. Of course there a number of killers just kill to kill, but when they play games with it, there’s usually a reason why. The Watcher didn’t really explain this, if there was one.

Without giving away much more, The Watcher manages to have a creepy, foreboding feel to it and the story-line has a load of twists thrown in. Unfortunately, they may be too obvious for some in parts and not explanatory enough for some in others, but I still recommend it.

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