Killers Siblings (Part Two)

killer siblings

After part one, let’s take a look at more real-life siblings and twins that have that bloody murdering bond.


Anthony Cook was born on March 9, 1949, while Nathaniel was born on October 25, 1958.

The brothers who carried out a killing spree in the area surrounding Toledo, Ohio for 17 months in 1980–81. In 1973, Anthony Cook committed his first murder when he raped and killed a 22-year-old woman named Vicki Smalls. Following the crime, Anthony went to prison on an unrelated burglary charge until 1979. After getting out of jail, he joined his brother Nathaniel and the two embarked on the murder spree.

The Cook brothers would typically take advantage of young lovers who were parked in isolated locations, killing the men and then raping and killing the women.

In October 1981, Anthony was arrested and ultimately convicted of murdering a real estate agent. In the late 1990s when forensic DNA evidence became more sophisticated and reliable, Ohio authorities were able to link the Cook brothers to several unsolved murders.

In 2000, Nathaniel pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted murder. He will be released from prison in 2018. Anthony Cook pleaded guilty to nine counts and received an additional sentence of 15 years to life in jail for the killing of Thomas Gordon.

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Linda and Charlotte Mulhall are sisters from Dublin, Ireland, known for having killed and dismembered Kenyan immigrant, Farah Swaleh Noor, in March 2005.

Farah Swaleh Noor was their mother’s boyfriend who had allegedly been physically her. On the day of the killing, Linda and Noor were sitting on a two-seater couch with Charlotte sitting on the arm, when Noor started touching Linda in a sexual way.

Charlotte picked up a Stanley knife and struck Noor across the throat, inflicting a wound that sent him to the ground. Linda then picked up a hammer and hit him on the head a number of times. Their mother looked on but didn’t participate. Noor was stabbed at least 27 times.

His head and penis were sliced off and the rest of his corpse dismembered by the women and dumped in Dublin’s Royal Canal where a piece of leg still wearing a sock was spotted floating near Croke Park ten days later. They decided not to throw the head in to prevent identification.

The killing only came to light ten days later when Noor’s leg, with a sock on the end, was seen floating in the canal. The sisters and their parents were arrested in August but denied any knowledge of the killing.

A court found Charlotte guilty of murder and Linda guilty of manslaughter, and gave the girls life and fifteen years, respectively. Their father, John Mulhall, hanged himself in Dublin’s Phoenix Park when he heard the verdict.

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In December 2000, brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr went on a six-day crime and killing spree that terrorized the community, carrying out one of the most notorious killing sprees in the history of Kansas.

The events started on December 8th when the brothers robbed a 23-year-old Andrew Schreiber at gunpoint. They continued their spree three days later when they fatally wounded 55-year-old Ann Walenta as she attempted to flee the robbery in her vehicle. On December 14th, the brothers broke into a random home, where five men and women in their twenties were spending the night. After entering the home, the brothers robbed the group, sexually assaulted the two women, beat the men, forced the couples to perform sexual acts on each other and sodomized one of the victims. The brothers then tied them up and then drove them to a construction site and shot each of them in the head. One of the five escaped — her metal barrette deflected the bullet — and later identified the brothers.

The events shocked the state of Kansas and became known as the Wichita Horror. The Carr brothers were convicted of 113 criminal counts and sentenced to death and currently remain on death row.

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Joseph Lyle Menéndez and Erik Galen Menéndez are brothers who are known for killing their wealthy parents, entertainment executive Jose Menéndez and his wife Mary “Kitty” Menéndez.

Growing up the brothers committed home burglaries together, did poorly in school and avoided contact with others. After watching the Billionaire Boys Club — a T.V. mini-series about a Southern California investment and social club that turned to murder – Lyle and Erik decided they would rid themselves of their abusive father and save their mother the anguish of living without him by killing her too.

On August 20th, 1989, the brothers shot their parents to death at their Beverly Hills mansion. For several months afterwards they lived in hotels, went on shopping sprees and started fake businesses all paid for by their father’s company. By the end of the year they had racked up a spend of more than a million dollars. It was only Erik’s breakdown and full confession to a psychotherapist that led to the brother’s arrest.

The Menendez brothers were sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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Brothers James “J.B.”, Linwood Earl and Anthony Ray Briley were responsible for a killing spree in Richmond, Virginia in 1979 that lasted seven months before their arrest.

Born to a stable home with two parents on the Northeast side of Richmond, the three boys collected deadly pets, such as tarantulas, piranhas, Dobermans and boa constrictors. The boys watched with glee when they would feed live mice to their boa constrictor.

Linwood was sent to reform school to serve a one-year sentence for the killing. His young brother, James or “J.B.” followed in his path at the same age, having been sentenced to time in juvenile hall for having pulled a gun and fired upon a police officer during a pursuit.

The Briley brothers preyed on those who were scared by their presence. In 1979, the three Briley brothers and an accomplice, Duncan Meekins, began the seven-month series of random killings that terrified the city. They murdered eleven victims and have been suspected in twenty other cases. All of the murders were extremely violent, including blunt force trauma with a baseball bat, gunshot wounds, stabbing with scissors, and other forms of torture.

The brothers were executed in the electric chair at the Virginia State Penitentiary in Richmond; Linwood on October 12, 1984, and James April 18, 1985.

Their younger brother Anthony remains incarcerated in Virginia’s corrections system and comes up for parole consideration every few years. To date, all his applications for parole have been denied by the state parole board.

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