The Creepiest Girls & Boys of Horror

Shining twins the grady twins.

There’s no doubt about it, kids can be terrifying. It allows movies to bring in evil from an unlikely source. That contrast between innocence and danger, the appearance of harmlessness from someone who’s actually capable of unspeakable acts. Let’s take a look at the little cherubs of doom in horror movies that make us want to cower in terror.


Cute little Creed. Alive you want to hug him and squeeze him but dead, he is one creepy kid that wants to cut your throat.

Not only does Gage suffer a horrific death and buried with a bunch of malevolent spirits by his seemingly stupid father Louis, he comes back to slice and dice.

After killing the elderly neighbor and his mother Gage then phones his father – “Come play with me daddy! First I played with Jud and then I played with mommy. I had an awful good time. Now I want to play with youuu!”

little creed from pet cemetary.


One little girl you really do not want to receive a phone call from.

Samara Morgan is the freaky jagged walking, pale, long haired little girl whose stare will have your face looking like you’ve been hit by a shovel and seen a ghost at the same time.

If you were ever to watch ‘that tape’ you’re probably not around to read this but for everyone else, live everyday like it’s your last, or just ensure to show someone else the tape. Or Stick to DVDs and Netflix and you should be fine.

Samara morgan from the ring.


Masks are always creepy. And on kids in a nightgown with a potato sack over their head… well that is pretty much scary as hell.

Tomas is the poor orphan boy with the deformed face who loves to play hide and seek. When your child says he has an imaginary friend, think twice before dismissing it.

This movie teaches us that all missing children need to found. Or maybe not. (JOKE!).

Tomas orphanage.


The scene of Danny turning a corner to see two little girls dressed exactly alike holding hands and not moving, here one minute, axed to pieces the next, has always stayed with me.

If i’m in a hotel and I turn a corner that’s what I imagine. I don’t want to play with them forever. And ever. And ever.

Piss off.

Shining twins the grady twins.


The high pitched boy preacher who brainwashes all of the Gatlin town kids into killing the adults as a sacrifice to He Who Walks Among Us- A demonic entity who inhabits the cornfields that surround the town.

The children all being to worship the corn creeper, led by Isaac and become an adult hating town, killing any passing people over the age of 18.

Seemingly you can’t keep a good creepy kid down as trying to sacrifice Isaac himself DOES NOT WORK.

Children of the corn.


Okay so technically (spoiler alert!) NOT a girl but Ester plays one hell of a good creepy young lady.

Young girls with that evil twinkle in their eyes are bad enough but an actual woman with a manipulative streak pretending to be a young girl is just pure evil. Ester or should I say Leanna Klammer, is the foreign compulsive liar who worms her way into adoption by a loving family only to try and seduce the father while kill the rest of them. How lovely.

Hide your make-up.

Ester coleman the orphan.


Toshio aka cat-screeching boy is one kid that manages to pop up everywhere and scare the living daylight out of you.

With his pale, dead pan look that’s freaky enough, once he opens his mouth its pure crapping pants material. And don’t even get me started on his jagged walking, long haired creepy mother!

If he ever pops up while you’re eating dinner, sleeping, climbing the stairs, looking out of the window, ya know whatever, just know that you’re dead.


The grudge creepy kid.


The American version was well done and I love, love, love Chloe Moretz but Lina Leandersson was surprisingly sweet and subtle but creepy enough to have you wondering whether you’d like to give her a hug her or grab a stake to stick through her heart.

Able to move at lightning speed and scale buildings, this is one quick and agile little girl you wouldn’t want to have to out-run.

Become her friend and you might be safe. The best anti-bullying campaign there is, Eli can solve any problems regarding that by dismembering and bloodsucking those bullies. Take that bullies.

Let the right one in horror movie.


Barto is the veiny skinned, blue eyed, spooky Jewish dybbuk child who haunts a family across three generations.

This dybbuk demon boy inhabits the body of the dead, and the living (and dogs wearing masks and with upside down heads) to carry out his evil deeds and seeks to use death as a gateway to physical existence.

With the power to break your back (literally), when one child isn’t enough, The Unborn proves twins are definitely hard work.

“Jumby wants to be born now.”

Barto from the unborn horror movie.


The ever-so-sweet girl who was given a new beginning by an unsuspecting social worker.

Anyone that upsets, annoys or makes her angry will feel the wrath or her capabilities. Clever, cunning and cold, Lily will feed off your fears and make you or your loved ones die in the way that terrifies you most.

Just don’t yell at her otherwise you’ll see her angry face, I mean scary face.

What is it with these adoptive horror kids?

Case 39 lily sullivan.


Satan in the form of a young human boy, Damien is the cursed child of the devil with the interesting scalp mark and the bad attitude towards anyone brave enough to try and stop daddy’s plans. Damien is the Antichrist. Literally.

His demonic stare could penetrate right through to your soul and fill it with dread. You don’t want to mess with this little prick, I mean Thorn.

“It’s all for you Damien!”



Possibly the queen of all scary girls, Regan from The Exorcist was the possessed, potty mouthed, pea spewing girl of the 70’s that had a lot of people crapping their pants.

Spiders are scary enough, but a little girl with demon troubles walking backwards down the stairs are things nightmares are made of. Kudos to Linda Blair who pulled off the character perfectly, making us believe that no matter how terrifying, damn right obscene (kids don’t talk to your mother like that) and ugly she became, innocent Regan was still in there, somewhere.

There’s nothing like a demonic little girl to keep you up at night.

Regan Mcneil the exorcist.


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