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disturbing horror the poughkeepsie tapes

Well, I say this a lot, but anyone that knows me, knows that I love disturbing horror movies. I like to watch the movies my friends don’t like to watch. I actually make the more hard-core ones watch disturbing movies that I find so I have someone to talk to about them. A lot of them hate me for it. I don’t know what it is but messed up movies make me tick. I’m not weird, I’m NOT WEIRD! I just enjoying watching real ‘wtf’ moments in horror. While there are quite a few movies that are pretty sickening, disturbing, and hard to watch, I am yet to find a movie I can’t watch. The below is my list of horror movies that I have seen and class as my most disturbing movies, and why, in no particular order. If there’s any more messed up than listed, please, please let me know. I’ll happily watch it and discuss with you!


A remake of the 1979 cult classic, Steven R. Monroe’s, I Spit on Your Grave, hit more nerves for me than the classic. Starring Sarah Butler as writer Miss Jennifer Hills, I Spit on Your Grave features a drawn out brutalization scene, which starts off with a mentally ill member of the gang raping Miss Hills and nearly choking her as he climaxes. If that wasn’t bad enough the whole gang decides to have a go. It’s hard to watch alone, let alone with friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend, or worse family. The saving grace was that Jennifer got her revenge, and bloody well she did.

i spit on your grave 2010 remake by steven r monroe.

MARTYRS (2008)-

Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs starts out like a standard revenge film, with one girl Lucie (Mylène Jampanoï) seeking to turn the tables on captors from whom she escaped many years before. Once the best friend, Anna (Morjana Alaoui), becomes involved the movie morphs into something much more sadistic. When I first saw Martyrs I was genuinely jaw-dropped at the final scene in which our surviving heroine is beaten and skinned alive in order to provide witness to the afterlife for the film’s secret society. Martyrs is very well done and has many bloody parts to remember. The US just had to go and try ruin it by remaking.

french movie martyrs.


The Dowdle brothers The Poughkeepsie Tapes is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it’s very hard to find and it never did get a US distribution. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is psychologically terrifying and has so many genuinely disturbing scenes it’s actually hard to pick one. From the whole treatment of Cheryl Dempsey, up to the gruesome killing of the mother who stupidly got into the back of a fake police car. That walk on all fours with the mask is something that will forever stay with me. The killer puts his victims through so much psychological abuse that it makes you feel uncomfortable as you watch it. I’m sure there is something in The Poughkeepsie Tapes that will be embedded into your brain for a long time.

the dowdle brothers the poughkeepsie tapes.


If you can withstand the first hour of pretty much nothing happening, the last forty-five minutes of Antichrist certainly makes for some disturbing cinema. Lars von Trier’s deep and deliberately provocative Antichrist will have men and women flinching at the dysfunctional grieving couple who retreat to the woods to grieve over to loss of their son. Starring Willem Dafoe whose poor testicles are crushed by his distressed wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who then proceeds to masturbate her unconscious husband until he ejaculates blood. Oh and she also performs a female circumcision on herself. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

lars von tiers the antichrist movie.


I’ve included this movie based on the strength of two infamous scenes. Utilizing the reverse narrative structure, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci and Albert Dupontel star in Gasper Noe’s brutal drama depicting a nightmarish night out. The plot’s horrific peaks; a brutal ten minute assault in which was one of the most shocking I have ever watched, and a hardcore nightclub murder in which a man’s head is crushed to a bloody paste with a fire extinguisher.  Irreversible will test your limits of endurance.

disturbing horror movie irreversible.

KILL LIST (2011)-

Many may wonder why this film is here if you have seen it, but for me, Ben Wheatley’s Kill List was awesome for a number of reasons and one of the finest British thrillers in years. It has been one of the rare movies to have me slightly flinching. Ex-soldier and killer for hire Jay (Neil Maskell) agrees to take on a job with his partner in crime Gal (Michael Smiley), but things soon head out of control. Literally. “The Librarian” on the Kill List gets not only a hammer to the knee cap but also his hands and fingers, and finally, his skull in a brutally realistic scene. That, and the messed up ending get a disturbing horror thumbs-up.

british horror thriller kill list.


Men Behind the Sun is a film that does not mess around. Tun Fei Mou’s Men Behind the Sun is a historical gore-fest that tells the story of what occurred during WWII when the Japanese took Chinese and Russian soldiers as prisoners. It’s insanely graphic and features gruesome experiments and some damn disturbing scenes. A live autopsy and a compression chamber in which a man’s intestines are forced out of his body are just two of the graphic and disturbing scenes. Frozen and boiled arms is another, though I’m glad to hear the “cat scene” wasn’t real. (I’m a sucker for a cute kitty).

the men behind the sun.


If you can get past most of the acting and reach the end you may be pleasantly surprised with its offerings. Megan is Missing is a found footage fictional drama inspired by actual events which bases itself around two typical teenage girls online. Again, the acting is tedious and following the girls around there day to day routine and ‘oh my god’ attitude to everything does get tiring but if you can get to exactly the last 22 minutes of the film, you might find some scenes that might stay with you longer than you thought they would.

Megan is missing horror movie.


A Serbian Film has to be the current titleholder as the most insanely twisted and deeply disturbing film in recent horror history. It’s banned in numerous countries and Netflix won’t even touch it. Srdjan Spasojevic’s A Serbian Filmfits in as much depravity as possible with no boundaries, going places many films wouldn’t dare. Following the story line of an aging porn star Milos (Srdan Todorovic) who agrees to make a comeback. Heads chopped off mid-intercourse, unknown incest, unwanted oral and two words I just about dare utter; Infant. Rape. I think that says it all.

A serbian movie.


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