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Dread by anthony diblasi.

Dread (2009) Horror Movie Review

I love films that make you think, and Dread, based on the Clive Barker story first published in 1984 as part of his Books of Blood anthology, is certainly thought provoking. Directed and written by An...

get out 2017 movie

5 Horror Movies to Look Forward to in 2017

2017 is hopeful for horror and here is five horror movies that are not remakes or sequels, and ones I am looking forward to in 2017.

The infamous Exorcist movie.

My Favorite Exorcism Movies

For many horror fans like myself, I thoroughly enjoy movies based around exorcisms and demons. With an array of demonic, possession and exorcism movies to choose from, in no particular order I list 6,...

Chris Hemsworth hot man of horror

The Hottest Men In Horror Movies

Who doesn’t like some hot, masculine eye-candy to go with their horror? Luckily for us horror fans the genre is full of good looking guys to get us drooling. In no particular order I list my favorite ...

getting a horror movie tattoo.

Tatt Me Up- Ten Horrorfying Tattoos I Want to Get

I love tattoos, as do many, many people, especially nowadays. I’m sure most people know at least one person with a tattoo on their back, hand, leg, stomach, chest or face nowadays. A tattoo enthusiast...

top found footage flicks

Top Unknown (ish) Found Footage Flicks

I love a found footage movie. Granted they can get boring with the shaky cam effect, and watching a whole load of nothing for ages. Here I list ten found footage movies I liked for one reason or anoth...

The Omen set was seemingly cursed as mishaps happened to a number of the cast and crew.

Facts About Your Favorite Horror Movies

I, as many horror fans, love obscure and random facts about their favorite horror films, so I list some facts you just might not know about your favorite horror movies. CANDYMAN (1992) To ensure that ...

Lake Mungo horror movie.

Lake Mungo (2008) Horror Movie Review

Directed and written by Joel Anderson, Lake Mungo handles the subject of grief and a family’s hope for some kind of an afterlife very well. Recalled mainly through interviews, camera, and cell phone f...

The blackcoats daughter.

Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves In Knock Knock

[soliloquy id=”822″] Here’s an interesting pairing. Keanu Reeves and Eli Roth are doing a movie together, so reports Deadline. The film is being directed by Eli Roth and is called Kn...

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