Serial Killer Ed Gein.

The Real Life Leatherface- Ed Gein

The likes of Bundy, Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy have gained high levels of notoriety for their crimes. Increasing widespread media coverage has helped serial killer interest overflow into households, ...

Ted Bundy the notorious serial killer.

The Notorious Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy once said, “Sometimes I feel like a vampire.” He looked like a human, he talked like a human, but under that skin was a monster. The likes of Bundy, Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy have gained h...

Carver horror movie review.

Carver (2008) Horror Movie Review

Carver, written and directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr, tells the story of naïve young adults that go camping, never to return. A group of twenty something’s head out to Halcyon Ridge for a weekend camp...

Horror fan gift ideas including the shinning blanket.

13 Horrifying Gift Ideas for the Horror Fan

With Halloween now over (boo!), and Christmas on the way, seemingly arriving early as always. Whether it be physically, or sitting in your pyjamas on Amazon, it’s time to get present picking! I’ve sel...

torture methods

10 Of The Most Terrifying Torture Methods Ever Devised

Torture used to be considered a legitimate way to punish, instil fear, extract confessions and execute a human being. Some methods considerably harsher than others, here are 10 torture methods th...

28 days later

Eight Awesome Recent British Horror Movies

British horror has delivered some gems, Shaun of The Dead NOT included. Here’s eight I think are as good as a nice British cup of tea. (In no particular order)

The infamous Exorcist movie.

My Favorite Exorcism Movies

For many horror fans like myself, I thoroughly enjoy movies based around exorcisms and demons. With an array of demonic, possession and exorcism movies to choose from, in no particular order I list 6,...

Chris Hemsworth hot man of horror

The Hottest Men In Horror Movies

Who doesn’t like some hot, masculine eye-candy to go with their horror? Luckily for us horror fans the genre is full of good looking guys to get us drooling. In no particular order I list my favorite ...

Haunted objects around the world including the hands resist him painting.

Five Haunted Objects From Around The World

A haunting occurs when a ghost or other supernatural being refuses to move on after death, instead choosing to dwell among the living in some way. Whether you are a believer ghosts or not, some report...