serial killer

Serial killer pedro lopez

Prolific Serial Killer – Pedro Lopez

The likes of Bundy, Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy have gained high levels of notoriety for their crimes. Increasing widespread media coverage has helped serial killer interest overflow into households. ...

serial killer donald pee wee gaskins

Donald Pee-Wee Gaskins- The Redneck Charles Manson

I have a real interest in serial killers. Not in a sexual, stalker or any kind of weird way, they just intrigue me. I’ve heard and seen (on tv) so many things that nothing shocks me anymore. I still h...

Serial Killer Ottis toole.

Serial Killer Drifter – Ottis Elwood Toole

Ottis Toole was born in 1947 and came from a background similar to that of Henry Lee Lucas. His mother was an abusive religious fanatic. He claimed that he had been sexually abused by his own family a...

Serial killer henry lucas.

Serial Killer Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas was a murderer born on August 23, 1936 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Both his parents were alcoholics, introducing Henry to alcohol at a young age. Henry‘s mother, Viola Lucas was a p...