Is Rob Zombie Planning a Follow Up to The Devil’s Rejects?!

Otis from Devil's Rejects by Rob Zombie

It seems Rob Zombie is trying to gauge interest in getting The Firefly Clan back together on the big screen for another go-around. Given what happened to the characters last time, this should make for an interesting twist. Perhaps it will be prequel to House of 1000 Corpses? Or perhaps The Devil’s Rejects movie will just be a dream? <we are kidding on that, of course>

On Instagram , Zombie posted a picture of Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding from The Devil’s Rejects and said:

Just curious,” Zombie asked his followers, “Would anybody be interested in watching another movie starring these three characters?

Lastsupper2We’re all for Sheri Moon, Bill Moseley, and Sid Haig coming back for more as Baby, Otis and Captain Spaulding.

Mister Zombie has been quoted in the past saying:

I’ve always thought I’d like to make another movie, because I love the characters, and I have an idea I think is solid for a third one – an idea that would make sense,” Zombie said. “The problem is, I don’t own the characters now. They’re owned by Lionsgate, and they just don’t have any desire to do anything. So it isn’t me not doing it because I don’t want to; I don’t have the ability to get it done.”

It’s been 10 years since The Devil’s Rejects came out and 13 years since The House of 1000 Corpses. That’s enough time for a whole new generation to get their rock on with Captain Spaulding  et. al. Perhaps we are seeing a trend in filmmaking, where creators like Rob Zombie use social media to make a project happen.

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